Collaborative Commerce Talks
Developing Your Business Strategy for the Digital Age with Scott Galloway
Friday, June 5th
12pm EDT | 9am PDT

Learn from entrepreneur, author and renowned NYU professor Scott Galloway on the strategies that define winners in today's digital economy. Professor Galloway will unpack what retailers can learn from today's most valuable firms, highlight how COVID-19 is influencing the strategies that define winners, and make actionable strategic recommendations for where to allocate your time and capital today.

We’ll uncover how to:

  • Adapt existing strategies for the current landscape
  • Improve your firm’s value proposition and competitive differentiation
  • Spearhead strategy initiatives to survive in a post-COVID, winner-take-all world

Featured Speaker:

Scott Galloway

NYU Professor, public speaker, author & entrepreneur


Dilip Keshu

BORN Group

Amit Shah


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