Collaborative Commerce Talks

How manufacturers and distributors are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Thursday, May 21st
12pm EST | 9am PST

During these trying times, companies are seeking ways to improve or simply maintain their business in any way they can. At VTEX, we help companies stay ahead by offering useful insights and best practices for all things digital commerce. We teamed up with industry experts to offer an open and candid discussion on how to deal with digital commerce challenges presented by the health crisis. Register now to join our informative discussion!

We’ll uncover:

  • Emerging trends among manufacturers and distributors
  • Examples of industry success stories
  • Key advice to improve operations

Featured Panelists:

Scott Galloway

NYU Professor, public speaker, author & entrepreneur

Dilip Keshu

BORN Group

Amit Shah


Ana Milevskaja

VP of Marketing, North America

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